sneake head fish

Above, Boy (Wuttichai) with a 5Kg Snakehead caught on a lure.


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mekong catfish

Catfish suck up bait balls a lot larger than a tennis ball.


Giant / Monster Catfish, Siamese Carp, Fresh Water Stingray, Snakehead, Arapaima

Bungsamran Fishing Lake

Bungsanram there is no other fishing lake like it in the world, hard core fishing. It started about twenty years ago. Around 20 acres of water, 1 meter deep around the edges and about 5 meters deep at the center where the board walk is built across the lake. It was stocked from the 554 acre, world fishing park in miniburi. Stocked with large Mekong Catfish and Siamese Carp. Since then it has had giant Arapaima added to the lake. There is lots of other type of fish in the lake. I do believe it holds 10 or 11 world records. If you want to specify a particular fish species then it is best you plan your fishing tour around it. If you want arm breaking action and loads of fun, go for the Mekong Catfish, all out action and thousands of fish ready to take your bait. These fish really don’t care how many times they get caught. They are very strong and competitive for the bait. You will still need a fishing guide to catch these fish in large numbers and of course the really big ones. You will need the experience of a guide to land and help you to get them in. Very important a photo shoot. You will be very disappointed if you travel to Thailand and hook a really big one and can’t get it in.

If you want to catch Siamese Catfish and you are a carp fisherman, then you will know this is a different game all together. They are more weary and don’t like to be hooked. This is when you really need a top guide and that is Boy real name Wuttichai. All Thai,s have nic names. More about Siamese carp on this page SIAMESE CARP

We at Big Fish Thailand will Guarantee at Bungsamran that you will catch a catfish fish over 42lbs / 20kgs or we will forfeit any profit we make or stay with you until you get above that weight. It's your choice. Catch a really big fish. Boy and his fishing guides will put their reputation on the line. They are by fore the best fresh water fisherman team in Thailand.


entrance to bung sam ran

Entrance to Bung Sam Ran. The lake was a prawn farm originally. It was converted into a fishing lake twenty nine years ago.

mekong catfish lake

Main reception on the left. There is a gallery of pictures on the walls through the complex of just a fraction of fish caught here.

restrurant mekong catfish lake

First Restaurant on left as you walk in.

mini mart bungsamran

Mini Mart

bungsamran catfish

Main shopping area and sit down tables on the left. Waiter service.

bungsamran lake

Hairdressers and massage parlour next door.

bungsamran catfish lake

Kids games area.

bungsamran fishing tackle shop

One of the biggest fishing tackle shops and on site repair shop.

mekong catfish

Mekong Catfish

gaint siamese carp

Siamese Carp



gaint mekong catfish

Mekong Catfish

Bungsamran Mekong Catfish

Looking from the other end of the shopping and restaurant area.

Bungsamran Mekong Catfish Thailand

Bar and pool table area.

Bungsamran Mekong Catfish

Inside the main building leading to the fishing huts as shown in the right picture. In the left of the picture is a bar that serves coffee, beer etc.

Bungsamran bungalows

This is the start of the the walk way to the fishing huts and lodges. The first one has a room in it with air con, T.V and WI-FI.

Bungsamran huts

Fishing guide baiting the bait feeder. You need on average upto 30kg dried bait before adding in hancers and water.

Bungsamram Fishing Lakes

On Sundays all these huts and lodges are full. Very popular among the Thai's. Week days are allot quiter.

Bungsamran Fishing Park Lake

These huts you can see are only for two fisherman to one hut plus guests.

Bungsamran Fishing Park Catfish

These fish just keep on coming out. Massive head of fish, in the region 150,000


Bungsamram fishing huts

Giant Mekong Catfish

bungsamram fishing hut

Down stairs and facing the lake, very nice and comfortable.

Bungsamran Fishing park lake

This lodge has one double bedroom with air-con

Bungsamram Fishing Hut Lakes

Nice and clean bedroom.

Bungsamran Fishing Lakes Catfish

This guy landed a 40lbs / 20kgs fish which is an average size catfish.

Catfish Bungsamran Fishing Park

Top end of the lake looking back over to the shops and restaurants.

Siamese Carp Bungsamran Fishing Lakes

Heading to the back end of the board walk and looking over to the huts and lodges.

Bungsamran gaint Catfish

Waiters bring food and drink to you no matter where you are around the lake.

Bungsamran monster Catfish

The huts are rented out on a 12 hour basis and start at 800 baht to 5000 baht for VIP guest.

Bungsamran Mekong Giant Catfish

Bungsamran board walk. Runs trough the middle of the 20 acre lake.

Big Catfish

Another 65 lbs / 30 kg's Catfish

bungsamran mekong catfish catfish