sneake head fish

Above, Boy (Wuttichai) with a 5Kg Snakehead caught on a lure.


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Fishing in Thailand is a must for any serious Angler / Fisherman and family.

mekong catfish

Fishing in Thailand, Catfish suck up bait balls a lot larger than a tennis ball.

Giant Arapaima Thailand giant Mekong Catfish Thailand Fishing Thaialand Fishing in Thailand barramundi Thailand Freshs Water Stingray


Fishing in Thailand

Fly fishing, Lure Fishing, Dead or live bait fishing. Float and bottom feeder fishing we do it all. But believe me listen to boy who has lived and fished all his life here and let him lead you.

Giant / Monster Catfish, Siamese Carp, Fresh Water Stingray, Snakehead, Arapaima

Boy has been professionally fishing for fifteen years. He is widely known for his Fishing in Thailand He is one of the top fishing guides around. Boy has a team of ten guides in Bangkok and another ten working for him on various rivers of Thailand. There are six government owned rivers that you can fish for Giant fresh water Stingray, Giant Catfish / Siamese Carp and of course there’s hundreds of different type of fish in these productive rivers. Boy has worked tirelessly to improve the stability of these fish species. He co-operates with the Thai government, university of fishers and most important the local fisherman.  For example the fresh water Stingray was being sold on local markest at 4 Baht a kilo.  Now they make their money through catch and release. Boy speaks very good English which helps no end.

Customer Service

Our service is just that, a complete customer service. We specialise in providing fishing tours but we also can provide guides for you shopping trips, Elephant tours, Kings Palace tour, floating markets and of course the famous night life around Bangkok.  We are not restricted to Bangkok we can transport you and guide you around Thailand. Feel free to contact us about your personal requirements and we will do our upmost to make sure your dream holiday comes true.

Below, Mark has travelled and fished around the world. He decleared this was his best days fishing in his life.
There is no other place in the world like Bungsamran Fishing Lake.

catfish rod bender mekon catfish

In this seven hour fishing session they had 24 fish ranging from 15 Kg /33lbs to 35 Kg / 77lbs.

That was about 500 Kg/ 1000 lbs in one session, that physically hurts.

Zoe has never caught a fish in her life. What a specimen for her first fish, 19 Kg / 42lbs.

zoe's first fishzoe's first fish

Boy's client was battling a fish so he let this young passing boy land this one, It weighed more than the boy.

boy catch's giant mekong catfishboy lands giant mekong catfish

All records below are wide open in Thailand. Many fish have been caught over these weights but have not been claimed.


Red Tail Catfish

This is a fantastic fish. It has everything, size, strength and beauty.

World Current Record, Rio Amazonas, Brazil 56 kg (137 lb 7 oz)

Thailand 22.39 kg (49 lb 5 oz) Ratchaburi




World Current Record, Lake Monduran, Australia 44.64 kg (98 lb 6 oz)

Thailand Fly Fishing Record 8.39 kg (18 lb 7 oz) Tippet 03 kg (6 lb)



Giant Snakehead Fish

World Current Record Dengkil, Malaysia 10 kg (22 lb 0 oz)

Thailand 8.52 kg (18lb 13oz) on 0.4 kg (8 lb) line




barramundi fishing

Martin with a 1 kg Siamese Carp bait ball

Gaint Siamese Carpfish Bait Ball


IT Lake Monsters
Boon Mor Ponds
Meaklong River
Laem Dam
Pilot 111 Ponds

Siamese Carp

Giant Siamese Carp

Fishing in Thailand for Fresh Water Stingray

Giant Fresh Water Stingray from Thailands Meaklong River.

Estimated 990lbs / 450kgs by National Geographic.


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photographer :- Charlie Brady

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bungsamran fishing desktop wall paper

bungsamran fishing desktop wall paper

bungsamran fishing desktop wall paper


Red Tale Catfish

Target Fish Species

Freash Water Stingray
Giant Mekong Catfish
Giant Siamese Carp
Red Tale Catfish
Giant Snakehead
Giant Arapaima

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